Socially Swag uses the best-of-innovations to create rich, easy to use, and practical Desktop Applications that work offline and run off the internet browser. We help you tidy up your business condition through rich, simple to-utilize, simple to-get to, new-age Rich Desktop Applications (RDAs), and Rich Internet Desktop Applications (RIDAs). Our work area applications encourage moment content synchronization, speedy document framework access, and prepared administration of downloadable content even while working offline.

Applying our industry skill and specialized understanding, we create Desktop Applications that tone-down the multifaceted nature of your business forms, improve your presentation, and quicken your business efficiency. By making confused and dull tasks more straightforward, our Desktop Applications assist you with synchronizing significant procedures and streamline your IT activities in a legitimate, development improving the way.

Our desktop application development skills can turn into your ground for building the application, which will please your clients with the productive usefulness, speed of work, and easy to use interface. We are the group of experts who can make momentous work area arrangements without any preparation, modernize your heritage arrangements, create custom middleware for the availability of your undertaking applications, therefore, making your business procedure skillful and successful.

Administration Highlights –

We take part in planning and building Desktop applications that include VB.NET development, Visual Basic development, ASP.NET development, Adobe AIR, C# development, JAVA Development – Swing, and different advances. Deliberately successful, hazard repellent, and simple to-keep up, our applications encourage improvements that are particular to redesigns and changes and hold evidence against information burglaries or specialized setbacks. Our Desktop application development traverses a few platforms and languages.

Our desktop Apps development comes with the following benefits for the ultimate user –experience:

  • Rich User Interface
  • Vulnerable Points obsession with full security
  • Desired and ideal Performance rate
  • One-time investment and infrequent maintenance
Our Competencies in Desktop Application Development –

We have experience in all major platforms for application development like Microsoft.NET, WPF, JAVA, and so on. All items and arrangements are showcased under our customers’ names or their association’s names are valued by their clients around the world. We give windows and work area applications advancement in:

  • C#
  • WPF
  • Visual C++
  • Java
  • .Net (Dot Net)
  • C, C++,
  • Visual Basic
  • SQL Server

Experienced with All Major Platforms –

Microsoft .NET

Socially Swag has experience in building .NET-based solutions utilizing C# and VB.NET just as creating arrangements with the .NET line of server items, for example, Microsoft SQL Server. It fabricates elite applications for Microsoft-based frameworks. We spend significant time in Musical programming application advancement utilizing VC++.

Java/J2EE –

Socially Swag has broad experience creating Java-based undertaking arrangements utilizing J2EE models and industry-driving application servers and instruments like NetBeans, Eclipse, and to an assortment of open-source stages, for example, Tomcat and JBoss. Socially Swag’s J2EE frameworks are made in light of stage freedom and versatility. Different instruments and systems, for example, Spring, Hibernate, and JUnit, help to speed improvement and guarantee five-star expectations.

Macintosh –

Mac and XCode permit Socially Swag to execute iPhone extend in a financially savvy way, just as to construct huge scale frameworks for less where programming allowing expenses may excessively hamper the undertaking’s spending limits.

Linux –

With our technological ability in open source stages, we have a vibrant experience of conveying vigorous open-source improvement applications and answers for our customers. We have skills in Linux programming and procedures. We put out our inside and out information to fathom the broad scopes of open-source utilizations of the Linux condition that can be customize for your needs