Socially Swag knows the power of Video Ads for your marketing strategy. We believe that an effective ad isn’t just to get lots of impressions at a low cost but also that people would take action on it, whether that is to remember your brand, go to your website, or buy a product. What matters, therefore, is to make people remember your ads so they can then take the needed action. Our experience tells us that an audience is more drawn to watching videos than reading static information. Video Advert can be a great way to deliver important and relevant information about your business to a targeted audience in a fun, creative and in an appealing way

Here is how it works:
  • We would create a 30 secs to 1 min customized Video exclusively designed for your Business to showcase on your Website, YouTube Channel, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter Pages.
  • The video will include your business name, logo, short description about your business, service headlines, product/services images, past projects snapshots, videos, promotions, pricing, website address, contact info & any other details you need to be mentioned.